overheating laptop

5 Easy Tips For Your Overheating Laptop

overheating laptop

The cost of Laptops is decreasing on the other hand power of laptops is increasing day by day. This is a golden age for laptops, making it possible to find gaming laptops that are both high end and affordable. However with a increase in demand from slimmer laptops everyone has experienced an overheating of laptop.

As quality cooling systems need space and that today’s laptops just can’t afford. At the very least, an overheating laptop is hot and uncomfortable to the touch. At the worst, an overheating laptop will destroy your computer from the inside out and you can even loose your data.

Here we try to explain everything you need to know about how to tell if your laptop is overheating and some simple solutions to keep it cool.

1) Know your Laptop Structure

How will you know that your laptop is overheating?  Different laptop builds, styles, weight and design can affects how warm the laptop feels. A laptop isn’t necessarily overheating because it feels hot, and it isn’t necessarily not overheating because it feels cool. The only way to tell what’s really happening is to track the internal temperature.

There are plenty of free and easy programs available to track the temperature of your computer. I personally use Real Temp as it is very easy to use. You may find lot of other free-wares as well to track this thing.

Since Now you are able to track your computers temperature, you need to know what temperatures push your laptop into overheating zone. Laptops generally run hot, so don’t worry if you see temperature above room temperature. However, if you see temperatures 85 degrees Celsius or higher it’s a danger zone.

2) Lift Your Laptop

If your laptop is overheating give your laptop a bit of lift this will allow airflow all around them and help in remaining cool. In  most laptops rubber pads on the bottom are there to naturally give them a bit of lift. It’s also important to put your laptop on a flat surface like table so you can make use of these pads.

If your laptop is still running hot, then the first thing to try is to give your laptop a bit of additional lift.

3) Blow The Dust

This solution is required little bit of technical skills than the Lift solution, but it’s still a piece of cake. A cute little fan is fitted inside your laptop to cooling that do their damnedest to blow hot air out the rear of your laptop. But try as they might, time wears a heavy toll on these little fans. They build up gunk and dust and whatever else finds its way inside your laptop over years of use. Cleaning all that junk off will make them fresh as the day they were born. You can blow air on it by using air guns

4) Buy Cooling Pads

A simple solution, so long as you’re willing to spend little bit of money. Overheating laptops is very much common problem today, there is an entire industry of laptop cooling pads. So many brands are available to choose from. All of them will lift your laptop a bit, and most of them even have a USB fans for cooling airflow.

5) Check Mini Fan

In some cases its been observed that due to heating laptops gets off automatically after some time of work this time may vary from 5 mins to 60 mins. But if laptop is getting powered off automatically u need to check it internal fan. It might be chocked with dust but in some cases it is seen it stops working and even after cleaning fan wont work at all or moves at very slow speed. In this case you need to change its fan. If you are little bit technical you can Google how to open laptop fan for your particular model and change yourself else please visit nearest Laptop repair shop.

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