how to check drivers in Laptop

How to check proper drivers versions are installed on Laptop

How to check whether a proper drivers versions are installed on Laptop/PC

Is your laptop is having all the latest drivers or not?

Knowing which driver version is currently installed on your Laptop is very useful to check if an newer version driver is available. Latest drivers often help in resolving problems and improving performance

Question Now How to Check Laptop/Computer drivers in windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 ?

Process is all most same in all the windows (windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7)

Please follow the following steps to check your current driver version in Windows Laptop:

STEP 1 Click On Start –>Look for My Computer ( Windows XP) and COMPUTER (windows 10,8 or7)

STEP 2 Right-click My Computer(or Computer) and open Manage.

STEP 3 Now Computer Management window will open, Look for Device Manager on Left Side and click on it.

Device Manager is a window where we can see all the devices connected to a Laptop and its drivers. Please dont get confused with external devices there are many internal devices as well which are a part of motherboarddrivers how to check drivers in Laptop like Sound, Display ETC

STEP 4 Click on the + sign in just front of the device category you want to check.
Now Double-click the device for which you want to check the driver version.
One New window Select the Driver tab. The current installed driver version will be displayed on this page.

Now you can verify from the manufacturer website for the latest driver version. and if it is not a latest version please update it.


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