Dlink 24 Port Gigabit Review

Dlink 24 port Gigabit Switch

People who are looking for fast network speed or fast file transfer speed from server or within network and didn’t need any manageable switch this device is cheap and best. Specially for small to mid size offices this is best network switch.

Dlink 24 port Gigabit Switch works on with 10/100/1000 MBPS speed and perfect for small to mid size organization.
One should also aware for getting 1 GBPS speed you also need a Gigabyte LAN card . However from last 2 years all laptops and desktops are already having in built 1 Gigabit network card. So you only need to worry if your computer/laptop is older than 2 years.
Otherwise Gigabit lan card is easily available in the market which cost less than Rs 1000.
Also it is recommended dont not compromise in lan cable. If you use local cable speed can’t be guaranteed so always use Dlink cat 6 copper cable and get fastest speed in your network file sharing.
You can buy these things from amazon at best price.

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