How do you adjust screen brightness in Windows 10?

How do you adjust screen brightness in Windows 10?

Sometimes it is very important to adjust screen brightness specially if you need to use laptop for next few hours on a move and there is no option to plug in charger so that u can charge the battery in that case just reduce the brightness of your laptop screen and this will give u good amount of extra working time on laptop. Although this is very simple in earlier version of windows but in new Windows 10 follow the below steps to adjust the brightness.

Check Display Drivers

For adjusting screen brightness first of all you need Check if proper Display drivers are installed on laptop.
For this Go to Device Manager Expand Display Adapters and then select the graphics driver, now open its properties and finally update latest drivers, if somehow this doesn’t work please go to manufacturers website and search for your model in Drivers and Download–>Finally download and install latest display/ graphics drivers.

Fn( Function Key ) in Keyboard

In Most laptops we can adjust the brightness from the keyboard Fn(function) key, Look for brightness symbol on top line of keyboards mostly F5 and F6 but it may vary in different brands.
If drivers are properly installed you can adjust the brightness form these keys.

Adjusting Screen brightness from Control Panel

If you are not able to adjust the brightness from Fn key follow these steps
1. Open Control panel
2. In control panel window look for Display icon–> double click to open it
3. One left side menu click on adjust brightness
4. You will find the slide bar at the bottom.

HURRAYYY now Adjust as per you requirement.

Notification panel

There is a brightness setting button in the . It cycles the display brightness between 25-50-75-100% we can adjust the screen brightness from here as well.

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