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Why my computer is slow..Here is Solution

You might slow computer slow laptopoften think why my computer or Laptop is slow or infect you may notice that it is getting slower day by day. Are you also a victim on slow computer or slow laptop 

Malwares ,viruses, bootware and your settings can all be to be blamed for your slow computer or slow laptop. Continue reading this to discover how to make your Laptop speedier.

There aren’t many more disappointing things than a very slow Laptop . Wasting minutes at a time sitting still in front of notebook or  Microsoft Office program can make even a rational the one wants to throw away there Laptop.slow computer laptop

But don’t do that …There are some simple steps you can take to make your Laptop run fast again. Removing Viruses and changing few settings are a decent start. Here are some must-do exercises to keep your PC in tip-best condition. So are you ready for new speedy Laptop? Follow the below steps to update your computer title from slow computer to fast computer

Update Windows and Softwares Regularly.

Ensure all your softwares are up to date. This incorporates web programs, applications, drivers for gadgets, for example, printers and, above all, Windows itself, as Microsoft issues consistent upgrades to fitting security openings or settle glitches in the working framework.

DEFRAG your hard drive regularly 

At the point when your PC spares a substantial record to the hard drive, it breaks it into littler pieces and stores them over a few
areas. As these documents gather, the hard drive takes more time to get to them.  Disk defragmentation tools are incorporated into Windows, running them reorganize all data in a more logical fashion so your PC performs faster. In the event that you have a strong state drive (SSD) this procedure won’t be important, as Windows will consequently do it for you occasionally out of sight. It’s generally suggested that you don’t defrag a SSD yourself.

Check for Viruses and other malwares

Run your Anti-virus program consistently. Viruses can back off your PC and cause information misfortune, while spy-ware can trade off PC security by observing your action and gathering data about you. Run your anti virus and ensure it is having latest virus definitions updated. In the event that you don’t yet have any malware removal/Anti virus please use windows defender it is free from Microsoft and very effective as well.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Each time you visit a site page, your web program stores or “caches” it as a little record in your Temporary Internet Files folder.
Correspondingly, it stockpiles little records called ‘cookies’, which contain data about your perusing history and some personal details. After some time, the volume of these records can become huge. Occasionally cleaning caches will help you to work faster while loading web pages and also create some space in your hard Disk. In most Internet browser, these settings can be found inside the Settings menu, named something like Clear browsing data or Clear cache & cookies.

Disable unwanted startup programs

How quick your PC begins up relies on upon a few things, including the hardware speed you’re utilizing and the Version of windows operating system. In any case, the large number of programs that starts with Windows have a huge impact on booting speed of computer. Many programs will begin running undetectably out of sight when you turn on your PC, backing off the computer startup time and conceivably slow your computer. However you really don’t need to launch these programs automatically at startup: How to disable startup programs..Follow the below steps

1.Click Start
2.Type Msconfig in the Search bar and press Enter
3.In the System Configuration window, look for the Startup tab.
4.Here watch all startup programs carefully and un-tick the case by
case those you don’t want to start automatically at startup. Just
deselect programs (Try not to disable the Anti virus program)
5.Click Apply and after that save OK.
After that restart your computer.

How to disable startup programs in windows 10..Follow the below steps

1.Press Ctrl+Alt+Del
2.Open Task Manager
3.In this window look for the Startup tab.
4.Here watch all startup programs carefully and disable the case by case those you don’t want to start automatically at startup. Just deselect programs (Try not to disable the Anti virus program)
5.Click Apply and after that save OK.

After that restart your computer.

If you follow all the above steps it will boost your computer speed at least by 30%. and you will never feel that you are having a slow computer

How does Amazon Go work?

The short answer is that it is an amalgamation of:

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Picture recognisation

A variety of “Combination sensors”

Many years of information on how people shop

Amazon culminated 1-click shopping at the beginning of web business. No organization on the planet has more information about purchasing behaviour of conusmenrs with this sort of framework. Amazon additionally is master in recognizing items utilizing picture acknowledgment. Join this with the Fusion Sensors that cross affirm the new virtual “shopping basket” you make not just by taking a thing in your hand, but also by returning it.

The minute you enter an Amazon Go store, you show your ID QR code to obtain entrance. Just Amazon Prime individuals can shop at the store and should have the application on a cell phone. There are no money registers or installment card machines. The application utilizes various frameworks including Geo Location to place you as the bonafide client of the application and in this way the client entering the store.

There is a decent possibility that Amazon will associate your QR Code examine with facial recognisation and cross affirm the client’s personality. The Machine Learning framework will effectively track the client through the store and the whole shopping visit.

SnapTell acquire by Amazon in 2009 , Possiblay the hardware is assisted
by Snaptell as they devloped image recognition technology that could distinguish countless items just by their pictures. By 2014 Amazon incorporated this innovation in its application for what has turned out to be known as “show staying”. This permits purchasers to visit a nearby store, take a photo of an item and in a flash get a value correlation. This innovation has been effectively examining things at Amazon’s conveyance community for more than 6 years. This has fabricate a Machine Learning framework that has a high level of exactness.

Much like as when you visit a site and you are signed in, the Amazon Go shopping background is following the majority of your shopping practices. After some time this will advise Amazon on the correct position of items and how buyers may associate with them. Machine Learning about the measure of time spent in the store and the transverse way you make through the store will help Amazon in making tweaked, on request rebates identified with your present or earlier purchasing conduct.

How do you adjust screen brightness in Windows 10?

How do you adjust screen brightness in Windows 10?

Sometimes it is very important to adjust screen brightness specially if you need to use laptop for next few hours on a move and there is no option to plug in charger so that u can charge the battery in that case just reduce the brightness of your laptop screen and this will give u good amount of extra working time on laptop. Although this is very simple in earlier version of windows but in new Windows 10 follow the below steps to adjust the brightness.

Check Display Drivers

For adjusting screen brightness first of all you need Check if proper Display drivers are installed on laptop.
For this Go to Device Manager Expand Display Adapters and then select the graphics driver, now open its properties and finally update latest drivers, if somehow this doesn’t work please go to manufacturers website and search for your model in Drivers and Download–>Finally download and install latest display/ graphics drivers.

Fn( Function Key ) in Keyboard

In Most laptops we can adjust the brightness from the keyboard Fn(function) key, Look for brightness symbol on top line of keyboards mostly F5 and F6 but it may vary in different brands.
If drivers are properly installed you can adjust the brightness form these keys.

Adjusting Screen brightness from Control Panel

If you are not able to adjust the brightness from Fn key follow these steps
1. Open Control panel
2. In control panel window look for Display icon–> double click to open it
3. One left side menu click on adjust brightness
4. You will find the slide bar at the bottom.

HURRAYYY now Adjust as per you requirement.

Notification panel

There is a brightness setting button in the . It cycles the display brightness between 25-50-75-100% we can adjust the screen brightness from here as well.

Outlook stops responding (hangs), outlook crashes on start

If you are having problem in Outlook 2013 , Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007

  • Outlook stops responding (hangs).
  • Outlook crashes even though you aren’t actively using it.
  • Outlook crashes when you start it.

If outlook is having any of above Outlook Problems please follow the below steps

Step 1: Check add-ins 

  1. Open Run (press Window key + R) or look for run after clicking Start on desktop
  2. Type Outlook /safe, and then click OK.
  3. If the outlook opens fine then click on the File menu, click Options, and then click Add-Ins.  ( If outlook still Hangs skip to STEP 2 othwise continue)
  4. Click on  COM Add-ins, and then click Go.
  5. Here clear all the check boxes in the list, and then click OK.
  6. Restart Outlook. If the problem doesn’t occur, start adding the add-ins one by one at a time until the problem comes and remove the Add-inn in which problem occurs.

STEP 2: Delete and Reconfigure Email user profile

Although in most case this is not the issue but still give a try as next step will take lot of time.

  1. Open Control Panel, and then look and open the Mail.
  2. Click Show Profiles.
  3. Select the profile that you want to remove, and then Remove it.
  4. Click Add.
  5. In the Profile Name box, type a name for the profile.
  6. Specify the name, the Email Address and the password. Then, click Next.
  7. If  you’re prompted, enter your logon Details , and then click OK.
  8. When set up is finished, click Finish.

Step 3: Look for Virus/ Junk Email in web server

If your outlook opens and closes automatically when send and receives begins and work fine when you stops it as soon as outlook opens or not connected to Internet then possibly this is caused by Virus/ Junk Email. To rectify this you have to logged in into your web based email server( E.g. if you are using Google account in  open you mail in Gmail. Now see the last mail received in outlook, virus mail must be in next 10 mails from the last mail received in outlook. so check by deleting one by one mail from last mail received. If your problem is still now solved and outlook continue to freeze follow next step properly.

Step 4: Scanpst.exe

There might be possible reason the the outlook PST file got corrupted. This can also happen due to not closing outlook properly, always try to exit outlook program from the file menu and then exit. This is the proper way of closing outlook.

To run scanpst.exe follow the steps

C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice12

  1. Open My Computer or Computer
  2. open windows drive ( mostly C:)
  3. Look for Program files (x86) and Open it
  4. Here open Microsoft Office
  5. Now open office12 / office13 / office 14 as differenet version will have different folder name
  6. now look for scanpst.exe open it and browse for your outlook.pst data file ( How to check location for Outlook data file )
  7. Run Scan …once scan finishes it ask you to repair the file please click repair and wait for successfully finished dialog box.

Hopefully this will solve the problem

How to check proper drivers versions are installed on Laptop

How to check whether a proper drivers versions are installed on Laptop/PC

Is your laptop is having all the latest drivers or not?

Knowing which driver version is currently installed on your Laptop is very useful to check if an newer version driver is available. Latest drivers often help in resolving problems and improving performance

Question Now How to Check Laptop/Computer drivers in windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 ?

Process is all most same in all the windows (windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7)

Please follow the following steps to check your current driver version in Windows Laptop:

STEP 1 Click On Start –>Look for My Computer ( Windows XP) and COMPUTER (windows 10,8 or7)

STEP 2 Right-click My Computer(or Computer) and open Manage.

STEP 3 Now Computer Management window will open, Look for Device Manager on Left Side and click on it.

Device Manager is a window where we can see all the devices connected to a Laptop and its drivers. Please dont get confused with external devices there are many internal devices as well which are a part of motherboarddrivers how to check drivers in Laptop like Sound, Display ETC

STEP 4 Click on the + sign in just front of the device category you want to check.
Now Double-click the device for which you want to check the driver version.
One New window Select the Driver tab. The current installed driver version will be displayed on this page.

Now you can verify from the manufacturer website for the latest driver version. and if it is not a latest version please update it.


5 Easy Tips For Your Overheating Laptop

overheating laptop

The cost of Laptops is decreasing on the other hand power of laptops is increasing day by day. This is a golden age for laptops, making it possible to find gaming laptops that are both high end and affordable. However with a increase in demand from slimmer laptops everyone has experienced an overheating of laptop.

As quality cooling systems need space and that today’s laptops just can’t afford. At the very least, an overheating laptop is hot and uncomfortable to the touch. At the worst, an overheating laptop will destroy your computer from the inside out and you can even loose your data.

Here we try to explain everything you need to know about how to tell if your laptop is overheating and some simple solutions to keep it cool.

1) Know your Laptop Structure

How will you know that your laptop is overheating?  Different laptop builds, styles, weight and design can affects how warm the laptop feels. A laptop isn’t necessarily overheating because it feels hot, and it isn’t necessarily not overheating because it feels cool. The only way to tell what’s really happening is to track the internal temperature.

There are plenty of free and easy programs available to track the temperature of your computer. I personally use Real Temp as it is very easy to use. You may find lot of other free-wares as well to track this thing.

Since Now you are able to track your computers temperature, you need to know what temperatures push your laptop into overheating zone. Laptops generally run hot, so don’t worry if you see temperature above room temperature. However, if you see temperatures 85 degrees Celsius or higher it’s a danger zone.

2) Lift Your Laptop

If your laptop is overheating give your laptop a bit of lift this will allow airflow all around them and help in remaining cool. In  most laptops rubber pads on the bottom are there to naturally give them a bit of lift. It’s also important to put your laptop on a flat surface like table so you can make use of these pads.

If your laptop is still running hot, then the first thing to try is to give your laptop a bit of additional lift.

3) Blow The Dust

This solution is required little bit of technical skills than the Lift solution, but it’s still a piece of cake. A cute little fan is fitted inside your laptop to cooling that do their damnedest to blow hot air out the rear of your laptop. But try as they might, time wears a heavy toll on these little fans. They build up gunk and dust and whatever else finds its way inside your laptop over years of use. Cleaning all that junk off will make them fresh as the day they were born. You can blow air on it by using air guns

4) Buy Cooling Pads

A simple solution, so long as you’re willing to spend little bit of money. Overheating laptops is very much common problem today, there is an entire industry of laptop cooling pads. So many brands are available to choose from. All of them will lift your laptop a bit, and most of them even have a USB fans for cooling airflow.

5) Check Mini Fan

In some cases its been observed that due to heating laptops gets off automatically after some time of work this time may vary from 5 mins to 60 mins. But if laptop is getting powered off automatically u need to check it internal fan. It might be chocked with dust but in some cases it is seen it stops working and even after cleaning fan wont work at all or moves at very slow speed. In this case you need to change its fan. If you are little bit technical you can Google how to open laptop fan for your particular model and change yourself else please visit nearest Laptop repair shop.

How To Increase Laptop Battery Backup

Laptop Battery Backup

We are on the move more than ever these days. While we now have laptops as powerful as modern desktop PCs. Five years ago, battery power technology does not seem like progressing the fastest time. Traveling with technology continues to be an ongoing battle against life’s everlasting flight from the laptop battery.
If your laptop battery is running in a vacuum, here are eight easy steps to last longer.

1) Lets Change Your Laptop Screen Brightness

Like Mobile phone, a good amount of your laptop’s battery power is used for lighting the screen. The more brighter the screen is, the more battery power is used from the battery. So reducing little bit brightness of screen can go a long ways towards making your laptop battery last longer.
In most laptops keyboards have this function to adjust screen brightness. Look and hold the “Fn” key (function key) and look for brightness symbol on the top line of keyboard. This may vary by make and model.

2) Stop Unnecessary startup Background Programs

When Your computer starts lot of programs open ups automatically every time since they are listed in startup. Some of these are necessary, but some of these programs you’d never not required every time or every day. No matter how much you use them, they’re all eating up battery power as long as their open. You can check this in task Manager under process and find unwanted programs and if you don’t want the program longer please uninstall them from control panel.If you might require them in future please clear them from startup either from MSCONFIG or from task manager this will help and you should immediately notice increased battery performance.

3) Put Your Laptop Into Sleep Or Standby When Not In Use

it’s very common to step away from your laptop for a few minutes. However, the laptop screen is still on and all the programs are still running during these few minutes. Even though you’re not physically doing anything on the laptop, it’s still consuming as much battery power as if you were.
So when you decide to walk away for a moment, please hit Start Menu > Power > Sleep/Standby. Its just takes a second, your computer still start back up immediately when you come back, everything you were working on will still be there, and your battery will thank you for the rest.You can also configure this in power options under control panel to put computer on sleep when it is idle for 3 or 5 mins.

4) Put Your Laptop Into Hibernate If You’re Stepping Away For Longer

If you know you’ll be away from the laptop for longer and you don’t want to shut it down put your laptop on hibernate this will save even more battery power than sleep/standby.You can do this by the same way; press the Start Menu > Power > Hibernate. Just like the Sleep , all your work and pages will still be there when you get back.

5) Unplug Any USB Device That Isn’t In Use

People often never think about, but maintaining that USB connection uses resources from your Laptop. So whenever you are not using any USB Device like USB flash drive, wireless mouse, or Wi-Fi receiver, please unplug it and this will save some energy on your battery.

6) Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connections

If you’re not actively using your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection by disabling these connections you can save a lot of battery power . If you leave them active, they’ll constantly be searching for available signals they can connect to. And that search takes energy.